Freshen Up and Deodorize Sour Smelling Towels with Borax

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To prevent sour towels make sure you don’t wash too many at one time. They need room to move around so they will get clean. A towel that’s not completely clean is a breeding ground for smelliness, thanks to bacteria.

Once the towels are washed remove them from the washer as soon as possible and put them into the dryer. If they sit in the washer for too long then it can cause mold and bacteria to start growing. This is what causes the sour smell. Make sure the towels are completely dry before you remove them from the dryer.

If after washing them they still have a sour smell then give them a good soak in borax and warm water. For kitchen or hand towels: fill a large bucket with warm water and mix in 3/4 cup borax. Add the towels and let soak for a couple hours. For bath towels: put some warm water in the tub and mix in 1 1/2 cups of borax. Add the bath towels and let soak for a couple hours.

When the towels are finished soaking. Ring them out and put them in the washer. Use the rinse cycle on warm water to rinse out all the borax.

Now wash them as usual in warm water adding 1/4 to 1/2 a cup of borax in with the your regular detergent. Be sure and use fabric softener.

A cool tip for fluffing up your towels is to put a few tennis balls in the dryer with your towels. This helps the air circulation which will cause them to dry quicker and helps the towels to come out nice and fluffy. 

Once dry…take one out and give it a good whif. Mmmmm! Nothin like the smell of a clean, fluffy towel. Follow these steps when your towels start to smell funky and you will never have a sour towel again.


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