Crab Rendezvous

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one pack crab or imitation crab meat, parsley, sour cream, pickles [optional]lettuce [optional]Mix all ingredients, place into bed of crisp lettuce, with pickle on the side. Makes for a scrumptuous meal idea, for those with a taste for fresh and tasty meals that do not require too much in the realm of preparation time. This same meal can be prepared with shrimp and lobster, or the combination can be substituted, with chicken broiled in the oven, with cinnamin, salt, and pepper to taste- although the latter adds to preperation time, since the chicken must be cooked and shreaded or finely sliced- which brings out ultimate flavors. Then, of course, it is turned into cinnamin chicken rendezvous. This mixture can also be served on top of crackers, or with toothpicks, on top of cheese. It can be a simple brunch idea or be transformed into a formal lunch dish that is as tantalizing as it is exquisite. Serve with champagne or cool-aid. My recipe may also be tried with a combination of fresh strawberries and tomatoes added to the mixture above, which adds color and contour to taste-bud glory. If crab rendezvous is made without crackers, red peppers may be substituted, adding to the carousel of delicious flavor. Liven up your dish with exoticly prepared fish.


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