Wow, There Can Make a Call Dress

M-Dress, a hybrid of high technology products CuteCircuit latest fashions will be sold next year.

Her SIM card will be included on the label will be sewn dresses and antennae into the edge of the dress. Francesca Rosella, Ryan Genz founder CuteCircuit together say that the concept of dress emerged from their experiences.

“How many times have you not answer the call because it put the phone in the bag?” He asked.

“We thought, why do we not make a dress which is also a cell phone?”.

When the dress rings then simply raised his hand to his ear. A sensor will detect motion and answer the call.

Once completed then simply lowered his hand and the connection is closed. “You are a super spy,” said Rosella.

Dress this cell phone is still in testing stage telecommunications companies and targeting to sell next year.

Rosella prices declined to say for sure, but said that the price would be worth a combined mobile phone and a dress.

“Fashion really express yourself. The more interactive the more interesting and fun in this dress, “he said.

For thousands of years, the function of clothes never change he said.

Dresses and skirts may be shorter or longer depending on the season and komuntas fashion.

However, it is essentially fixed to cover the body. With advanced technology, Rosella says that there is no reason to do more for clothing.

“I think in the future, there will be punuh elimination on gadgets, small gadgets. You are communicating gadgets. You do not need any because your body is communicating.

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