A Simple Way to Earn A Little or a Lot Online

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Thousands of people are searching the internet everyday for ways to enhance their current income, or replace their income all together. With all the high pressure hype of many of the programs out there, some of the simplest, yet most reliable sources of income can get lost. Paid To Click may be one of the most overlooked and potentially one of the most lucrative methods of creating income available. One of the reasons these are overlooked is the seemingly low payout. Another, is the number of scam or frausulent sites out there. That is a shame because many sites do pay as they claim, and if you take advantage of all the opportunities available, you can earn much more than just the small amount for your clicks.

There are literally hundreds of Paid To Click sites on the internet and sorting through them can be a daunting task. Nothing is more frustrating for someone just starting out than to spend hour upon hour clicking ads only to find that when you try to get paid, they are nothing more than a fraud site. It’s even worse if you’ve paid for an upgrade and find out they are just a scam.

So how do you avoid the scams?

First, you must be realistic about what you can really earn. Unless you are Google and have a highly sophisticated targeting system for your ads, no advertiser is going to pay $1 or more for a click. This is even truer with paid to click, since advertisers know that your main reason for clicking the ad is to be paid and not because you are truely intested in what they are advertising. The actual amount they are willing to pay is typically much lower than that. Usually, $.01 or less is reasonable, but $.05 to $.10 may be possible. Rather than spending hours trying to find sites that pay, it may be better to find a PTC downline builder and join the sites posted there, or go to a good review site and join the recommended sites there. I would suggest joining 10-15 of these sites with good reputations and bookmarking them so your clicking sessions will go easier. Once you have these core sites, I would add one or two a week to try out and test if they are scams, but check them out first so you are not wasting much time.

I know what you’re thinking,”At $.01 or less per click, how can I really make any money?”

“Work smarter, Not harder”, and leverage other peoples time. How? Most PTC sites will reward you fairly generously for promoting their site. Generally, you will get paid for referrals to a site by a percentage of what they earn. Some sites will also pay on referals made by your referals. Also, there are a few sites that will pay you yo promrote them by paying a certain amount per page view, usually set as cpm (cents per thousand views). Usually, you can be paid 50% of your referals earnings, so with just 10 referals, your arnings are 5 times as much as you could earn by yourself. With 50 referals, it’s 25 times, so for every $1 you earn from your own efforts, you will earn $25 from your referals. Now you can see how quickly this can become significant, so check out the real potential of Paid To Click and begin building your online income.


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