Hundred Years Ago an Angel Was Born

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Just hundred years ago on this day, 26th August, an angel was sent to this earth to show the hungry world the panacea for its unending problems. The angel came with an olive branch of peace and love.

The little woman of Macedonia conquered the whole world

The dove of peace with an olive branch came from the ancient land Greece. Alexander the Great was born in Macedonia twenty-three centuries back, with an ambition to conquer the whole world with his sword. He came to India, failed in his attempt and returned to his country ‘empty handed’. A little girl was born in Macedonia, on August 26, 1910, with a destiny to conquer the whole world with the magic mantra of LOVE. When this angel was born, the world was getting ready to massacre the whole earth with the cruel hands of World War. Selfishness was reigning on the peak with greedy eyes of colonization. And this girl Agnes was brought up on the piled ash hills of both World Wars that bathed Europe and the world in innocent blood. She came to India in search of a remedy for man’s unending problems and suicidal greed. She conquered the whole world with her little heart of great love!

The Maid of the Gutters

“The Maid of the Gutters,” as mother Teresa was called, began her service of love in the Indian city of Calcutta, now known as Kolkata. Actually, when she came to India she was given the work of a teacher by her congregation. But her heart was moved by the suffering mass. She was shocked to see human beings treated mercilessly and thrown into gutters. The pitiable plight of the uncared ‘God’s images’ in the streets made her heart bleed. Through her Congregation of charity, she invaded the whole world.  Selfless love was her only weapon of encounter.

Throughout the whole world

Mother Teresa, in her expedition of love, continued out of Kolkata to capture the hearts of the world at large—the hearts of dictators and despots, for which she was criticized, as much as the hearts of presidents and other democrats and the common people, for which she was given the deemed Nobel Prize. It is the first time in history that dollars from the fortunes of dynamite-maker and possible drug lords have come to be used to the dying thousands and deserted millions all over the world!

The world’s hunger for love

Mother Teresa has expressed many a time the greatest problem of the world. “The world today is very hungry. It is not only the physical hunger that causes thousands die. But it is the spiritual hunger–the craving for love–that creates all the problems in the world.”

A conqueror of death

Mother Teresa has conquered death by her love. She conquered death by saving thousands from the jaws of death, dying on the streets of Kolkata. Even after her physical death, she has grown in stature, still living in the hearts of millions! 


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