Sparta Would Have to Give a Quick Goal And Especially by Lack, Says Siegl

Sparta would have to give a quick goal and especially by lack, says Siegl

Playing football Spartans scored Horst Siegl (41) more than a hundred goals, four league was king of shooters, and in the nineties with her cup Brázdil Europe. Goals gave the famous rivals. Witnessed a few miracles, but I do not believe them. Real Madrid would have to give a quick goal in Zilina, it could happen things, “says …
25th 8th 2010 15:28 Do you think possible, Sparta turned to adverse outcome from a home match last Tuesday when she lost the Žilina 0:2, and forwarded to the fundamental group of the Champions League?

Miracles sometimes happen in football, but in a situation in which Sparta is, I do not believe it. Missing several players the basic set, the mood around is also not much of anything. On the other hand, those players who get the opportunity today, may prove what was in them. In my opinion it should be excellent Hejda stoper. But he had to play against Plzen, worse, it did not happen. Young men has nothing to lose. They can only get it a lot … I do not mean no money.
How is such a miracle opposite?

You need to give a quick goal. Opponent nervous at the moment. And it could happen things. Žilina has consolidated the team and he experienced athletes, but a quick goal and nervous stars. When you realize that you still waiting to be ninety minutes, including setup, flies will head things … He would like to add a second and at least go into overtime. If the opponent on his knees, should continue to pound it and add a third goal.
And when he gets a goal but Sparta?
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Base is impermeable defense. Simply can not get a goal. If that happened, I fear that it would be decided on the procedure. I do not know if Sparta would find the strength to put three goals. History remembers such a situation, but … That would be a huge miracle.
Can you remember a similar miracle?

It’s not that hard. The freshest made last fall, Dinamo Bucharest in Liberec in the 4th European League preliminary round. Home match he was due to riots viewers contumacy 0:3, but the Romanian team won Ještědem 3:0 and 9:8 Slavs arrived in the shootout.
You yourself such a saw with my own eyes?

Even as a kid, I experienced something of Juliska in the autumn of 1978, my father took me to the UEFA Cup. But it was the opposite guard. Dukla Stuttgart lost 1:4. We went So basically just look at German football and I was naturally curious as to the accident, Vížka et al. Dukla but a miracle and win 4-0. But it was home.
Alone are therefore no wonder experienced firsthand?

0:2 not of the state, but such a resurrection vividly recall. It was a double-header the initial round of the Champions League preliminary year. Played in the fall of 1991. At home we beat Glasgow Rangers 1-0. At Ibrox Park, home turf in the second half and equalized at the beginning of the extension gave the second goal. Moreover, had enormous pressure. We have come to a nice event. Lumir Master sent before the gate pass and I shot it between the heel stopery sent to the network …
This year was probably the greatest achievement in the history of Sparta …

Exactly. We then played with the last defender of the trophy and the winner of Cup of Olympique Marseille. For them, we’re losing 0-3, but we reduced to 2-3 at home and we beat them 2-1. It was sensational! Martin Frydek put on 1-0, I hit a bomb over the border shifts to 2-0, they just lowered. On the pitch later winner Barcelona then we lost 2-3 at home and I gave her a score of 1-0. We managed to score in the semifinal group with Benfica of Lisbon and Dynamo Kiev. If we foolishly did not lose the last match in Kiev, so we played the finals we did! That’s how we were at least second in the group, which is like we were in the semifinals. However, having a winner and we had a better record.
It was wonderful to remember … Sparta will keep fingers crossed for tonight?

Of course! Five years after the Champions League and I played it too much like a procedure. It has a heavy starting position, but in every game you have to go with him to win on the pitch and do you need to do everything. And then he must also gained a football miracle …

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