Should People Who Live Together Have The Same Rights as Married Couples?

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Married people have entered into a contract of sorts. One that meets government specifications.

A married couple has went through with a ceremony that is recognized by the law. They sign a marriage certificate, some change their names. Social security cards, bank accounts, driver’s license, and other pertinent forms of identification are renewed, reflecting the new legal name.

A non married couple have not entered into a legal contract nor taken steps to align themselves with their partner in a way that is recognized by the judicial system. For those who will argue that they can not or do not want to marry there are alternatives that would provide them with rights similar to a married couple.

Most financial institutions have accounts with a “survivor’s clause” available. This enables one person to designate who will receive the funds should they die. Wills, living wills, power of attorney, and many other contracts are available for the non married couple to make use of. It is simply a matter of filling the information out and paying a small filing fee.

Those in agreement with non married couples having the same rights fail to realize or accept a couple of important points..

1. Married couples have to enter into a legally acceptable contract in order to have those rights. Matrimony is not just standing in front of a preacher and saying your vows. You have to sign the marriage license, have it witnessed, and then file it at the courthouse. At this point it is a legal document.

2. Non married couples demanding equal rights are so focused on any bias against their single status that they dismiss the fact married people have to enter contracts as well, just of a different kind.

If non married couples are willing, they can certainly find documents which will provide them with legal rights similar to those of married couples. The information as to which ones they need, can be found through some simple research.

However, martial-type rights should not be given to them any more freely than it was granted to a married couple. We live by certain laws and they should not be taken lightly.


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