Say No to Airport Body Scanner: Get Enhanced Pat Down

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Let me preface this article by saying that I think most of airport security is a joke. None of it works. Its a dog and pony show. The only way a terrorist is going to be stopped is by me and you, the average citizen.

The newest b.s. method to stop air travel terrorism is the new full body scanners. For background on these devices, please see my other articles:

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Not only are these machines, potentially life threatening, but they are chipping away at what little privacy we have left. The scanners produce a naked image for the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) agent to view. Children are not exempt. Passengers can choose to opt out of this security procedure, if they elect to have a thorough pat down.

Well, apparently, they REALLY want people to use these machines, because now they are implementing an even more thorough pat down, for those that choose not use the scanners.This new pat down involves a palms down approach, much like the pat down you would receive if you were arrested.

They are starting the new pat down method at McCarran Airport (Las Vegas) and Logan Airport (Boston). These airports have the most body scanner machines.

I’m going to Las Vegas in a month. I refuse to go through one of these scanners, so I will be receiving the enhanced pat down. I will update this article with details about how it all goes down.

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Full-body Scanners, in Vans, Scanning People and Vehicles

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