How To Convert Vinyl Records To Cd's

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Recording your vinyl records is made simple with the newest of modern technology. I am amazed how easy it is and how it has made me want to complete my entire record collection and put all my vinyl albums on a CD. Later I will input them into my computer. Once you copy your records into a CD format you have an endless means of putting those CD’s into other formats like into MP3 players, play them in your car and so much more. Being a person who knew very little of all these inventions and still owning cassette & tape players from the sixties it’s nice to have my records transferred to this medium.


First step: Decide how much you want to spend and then look for the method you want to record your vinyl records.
You can record your records from a CD converter program or use what I’m using.
I bought a record player/CD recorder for around $130.00 at linen & Things because they had a sale and the timing was perfect. See Picture above.


Step 2: You need to purchase blank CD”s. I buy them with 80 minutes of play so I can record two full albums. I buy them by the 100 pack, it’s cheaper in the long run. With my collection of all the Beatles & over 400 other records it takes a lot of CD’s. You will also need CD case covers. I use the plastic ones for know. I eventually will put all the CD’s I’ve recorded into a separate hand held hard drive. (See picture)

Step 3: Start recording your records and enjoy.
Follow the instructions given with the recorder.
I insure that I separate the tracks of the album. You have to be near the unit and each time a song is over you need to hit the track split button. So when you listen to the album you will be able to skip a song you do not want to hear, and proceed to the next song.

I have just finished recording all my albums and what a delight to listen to the crackling sound of a real vinyl record in my car.



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