Forget About Remembering The Passwords

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How many accounts do you have, and how many passwords? Do you remember the combination of usernames and passwords all these accounts? Most of us have more than one e-mail address at the most. Some of us have actually even more than two for various purposes. And it is not only limited to the e-mail address. We are members of such sites too where we have to register. This means having still more accounts.

This gets weird if you have different combinations of usernames and passwords for security reasons. Some people prefer to keep the same username but different passwords. Some forgetful ones write down the combo of username and passwords in their diary? Now, how safe is this? What if you forget your password when you have an important mail to write about your work or reply to your person in charge? Are you doomed?

Every regular browser today, allows you to remember your password for you. Therefore, you just have to log in with your username. Apart from that, if you are using your home PC to connect to the Internet, you have to log in only once and every time you enter the website name, you are automatically logged in. as for this, I am not telling you anything new and this might be irritating for you to read.

Well not if you have taken any precaution. But what sort of precaution? There is many an excellent software out there in the market which allows you to live a hassle-free life on the Net. KeePass is one such software designed just for this purpose. This allows you to remember your passwords and even search them too. The only thing that you have to do is remember only one single master password and you are done.

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