Product Review: Tyler Florence Sun Dried Chile Rub

Many of you have seen Tyler Florence as one of the celebrity chefs on Food Network.  You might have even seen Tyler advertising as a spokesman for Applebees.  I had seen Tyler Florence, and never really paid much attention to him until I received a package of Tyler Florence Sun Dried Chile Rub for my birthday. 

As soon as I looked in the package, I knew that Tyler’s Chile Rub would be something special.  You can see the bold reddish-orange tint of the rub through the back of the packaging.  When you look at the ingredients list, chiles, not salt or paprika, are the first ingredient listed.  I could not wait to try Tyler Florence’s rub.

The first time I used the chile rub was to grill chicken breasts.  I put some of the Tyler Florence Sun Dried Chile Rub into a plastic bag with some canola oil (enough to make a loose paste), and put the chicken in to coat.  Using a plastic bag allows you to get all of the meat exposed very easily.  This was a really simple task, which would normally take about an hour of marinating.  However, my wife had already made dinner plans, so I had to let the chicken marinate in the Tyler Florence rub until the next day.  When I pulled out the chicken the following afternoon, it had been sitting in the Sun Dried Chile rub for approximately 24 hours—I was worried that would have been too long.  However, when I pulled it off the grill, I knew that it was going to be good.

Not only was it good, but every person in our house—my wife, my 5 year old son, and my two-year old twins all LOVED it.  I believe the secret to the Sun Dried Chile rub is that it gives you a balanced flavor that is not overpowering.  You can taste the earthiness of the chiles, but without the overpowering heat that you normally associate with them.  Additionally, the rub is not loaded down with salt, as with other rubs.  I cannot wait to try it with pork chops or pork loin—this chile rub would go perfectly with either.

If you want a versatile rub that contains a lot of flavor, you must try the Tyler Florence Sun Dried Chile Rub.

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