Prevent Cancer? Might as Well Try

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Some cancer can now be cured; scientists have achieved certain success in preventing it. Cancer can often originate from genre disorders. These orders may come from heredity or other causes outside the body. After years, even several years, such disorders become worse and cannot be repaired. Abnormal cells will develop continuously and controllably, forming one or more malignant tumors.

Some of the external causes of cancer are:

            Smoking: smoking is the cause of 85-90% lung cancers and the risk is associated with the number of cigarettes one smokes. It is worth noting that cigarette smoke is harmful to both smokers and secondhand smokers. In addition, smoking is also the cause or larynx, palate, mouth and gullet cancers.

            Chewing betel and areca: this habit has been proved to be a cause of mouth cancers in some South Asian and Southeast Asian countries.

            Too much fatty foods: animal-based fatty substances have obvious relations with certain cancers, such as large intestine, uterus, breast, prostate gland and ovary cancers.

            Viruses: those who are infected with hepatitis B viruses, and especially with hepatitis C viruses, may suffer from liver cancer after 20-30 years. Some cancers have close relations with Human Papilloma viruses (HPV), Herpes Simplex viruses (HSV) and Epstein-Barr viruses (EBV).

From the knowledge of cancer causes, scientists have, to some extent, succeeded in preventing these fatal diseases. It has been proven that quitting smoking, betel and areca can reduce the risk of lung cancer and upper respiratory-digestive cancers. Restricting use of the animal-based fatty substances, using vegetable oil instead, and increasing the consumption of fruit and vegetables can help lower the risk of some cancers. As for cancers relating to virus infection, vaccinations are the most effective preventive measure.

These preventive measures must be habitually carried out in order to obtain the highest result. Periodic health examinations are also important to prevent cancers. Scientists have been trying to repair abnormal genes, considering it the most efficient measure to prevent cancers.


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