What Should Not Give Her Beloved Man?

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Men, of course, very afraid to show us his frustration. We can express our dissatisfaction, but instead Tiffany tea service. And they get a beer mug, a must portray the universal happiness! But let’s not use it and not buy the already rather boring and completely unnecessary things to your loved ones. Stipulate that these same gifts you can safely give colleagues or friends. Things are, in principle, necessary in everyday life – just from the woman he loved them just do not want to receive.

1. Dandruff shampoo (especially the bald men). In this category you can make and shaving foam, razors, combs …


2. Already mentioned diary. Do not forget: in the yard almost spring, and, most likely, diaries he acquired earlier this year.


3. And also I’ve already mentioned circle. Be it beer, tea or any other beverage. Well, if he broke on the eve of your favorite cup and can not come to grief in themselves, then, of course, buy. And so … do not recommend.

4. Soft toys. Well, not a man’s, not men! Teddy bears, rabbits and seals – we are pleased to receive them, and in men they make continuous bewilderment.


5. Pens. Perhaps the most common gift. Lovely girls, consider the fact that now they have almost no use. Well, unless that is signed. And for the rest there is a PC and printer.


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