Why do Men Change

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Passion, which broke out to a woman when she is not his wife – a very good reason to make of her mistress. Predict an outbreak of passion is almost impossible. To firmly married man suddenly fell in love until determination to adultery, must occur immediately deal. At the same time include psychological factors, biology, and something was still happening on a subtle energy level. Hormones, the smells, the acid-base balance – everything is mixed, and now a hellish cocktail begins to break up the blood through the veins and causes the brain to work differently.

What in the end. Men love – the most direct. Because of her good husband is able to leave the home, cursing himself for the fact that they were his children. And six months later to return to the same suitcase, but completely recovered.

Situation requires

Men with high financial status acquiring a more mistresses in time immemorial, it has long been a tradition. The relationship of this kind are stimulated primarily by consumer interests: women consume money and opportunities, and men – their well-groomed body. Are developed, they settled on the rules, when you want one with mistresses, and with their patrons – the other, but always concrete.

What in the end. Blossoms and smells tribe young graces with the habits of mistresses. Path mistress they see as a career and knowledgeably discuss the benefits of this role. Men often change them as the status cars and extreme entertainment.


Sex is not a matrimonial bed, a man can look for different reasons. For example, because he is a sex maniac with a pregnant wife, or he wants the carrot and stick, and his entire family – uncompromising pacifists. This is, by and large, does not matter. The problem is that sex with the same actor is in a moment of the men, from which it is impossible to ignore. And institute of marital coitus becomes as difficult as in the form of his own painfully familiar hairy chest.


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