5 Myths About Family Life

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To live a long and happy marriage, family life should be approached soberly and prudently – so advise scientists and display all the new mathematical formula of love. Perhaps they are not so far from the truth: in fact, statistics show that we are disappointed in family life, because we have the wrong idea about it. What are the misconceptions about the family can be fatal?

A happy family is based only on love. Many couples prove the opposite. Love can then flare up with renewed force, it is almost completely damped, and it is in these moments are important other things that bind a couple. This may be common hobbies, interests, ideas about life. Therefore, family psychologists, before marrying, it is recommended to consider that binds you besides love.

Opposites attract. Living with someone completely opposite of difficult. People of different temperaments and views on life are seldom happy in marriage, because over time these differences come to the fore. At first, people fascinated by the fact that not like you, but to live with him in the future without breaking itself, is almost impossible.

Sex – the basis of happy relationships. Full relationship without sex does not happen, healthy family sex is necessary. But he can not replace the understanding in other areas of family life.

If there is love, money is not important. With a nice, of course, heaven in a cottage. However, only a short time. Then financial difficulties will cause quarrels and eventually lead to separation.

People eventually lapped. If you find something annoying in your halves still at the initial stage of relations, a few years, most likely, it will be one of the reasons for the gap.


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