The New Miss Universe And Her Impeccable Shape: How Do They Stay So Skinny?

This year’s Miss Universe is a 22 year old Jimena Navarrete from Mexico.  Jimena is in amazing shape.

So how do these gorgeous girls keep in such a great shape and have impeccable skin?  

There are many nutrients, including protein, vitamins, minerals, healthy fats and water that are needed to condition, repair and regenerate your skin, which we sometimes forget is the largest organ in our body.  Water is crucial; it rids the body of toxins.  

There are several important vitamins that help keep your skin looking young and flawless.  

– Vitamin A, which can be derived from egg yolk, milk, dairy products, and fish oil, helps to even out your skin tone.  

– Vitamin B, which can be derived from poultry, fish, whole grains, dried beans, bananas, meat, leafy green veggies, controls oil secretion.

– Vitamin C, which can be derived from citrus fruits, broccoli, cabbage, tomatoes, berries, melon, potatoes, peppers, helps heal scar tissue.

– Vitamin D, which can also be derived from egg yolk, salmon, herring, helps to moisturize and condition your skin.

– Vitamin E, which can be derived from wheat germ, nuts, vegetable oil, herring, whole grains, also conditions and moisturizes your skin.  

Miss USA followed a Mediterranean diet while preparing for the Miss Universe contest.  Before the completion she tried to cut out sugar from her diet and stuck to very low carb meals.  She also switched to Splenda for her coffee.  She tried to eat five times a day in order to keep up her metabolism.

Tanya Zuckerbrot; MS, RD, Founder of and author of The F-Factor Diet, Discover the Secret to Permanent Weight Loss, serves as the official nutritionist for the Miss Universe Organization.  She says the girls need to eat small portions throughout the day to keep their hunger in control.


It is important to eat a good combination of fiber and protein.  “Fiber and protein are the two nutrients with the lowest caloric density so they help to fill you up without filling you out.”


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