4 Habits That Scare Men

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For information on how to achieve this, an American Marie Forleo wrote in her bestseller, “You – the goddess! How to reduce men mad. ” We publish an excerpt from the book devoted to the typical female mistakes, frightening men. So, here they are:

1. Arouse pity behavior

Here are classic examples of the calling behavior of compassion, which must be avoided:

• When you tell a man what do you need for happiness;
• When you continually repeating “I missed you”;
• When you are manic check your email or voice mail;
• Obsessive e-mails and phone calls (especially to make sure “everything was in his manner”);
• The power requirements of an answer, where he is and that makes 24 hours a day, 7 days a week;
• Quiet – and not very good – fits of anger when he did not devote your attention;
• Permanent insatiable desire to hear that he likes your looks and that he approves of your actions.

2. Infinite uncertainty

“It fills me?” “Do you still love me?” “You probably think that she is more beautiful me?” “I’m for you attractive enough?” Infinite uncertainty leads men into a rage and fueled the illusion of your ego that that you complete the shortcomings and you something worse than others.

You can learn not to fuel uncertainty, and it is absolutely necessary to do if you want to be irresistible. Or do you put power in the uncertainty, or irresistible. I suggest the second option.

3. Inability to communicate

First, most women do not know how to listen to really. When you really listen, you instantly become attractive. A truly listening to a man, you’re very powerful way you give your child feel special, to feel your interest. If you really want to reduce the men crazy, become a skillful listener.

The second communicative error lies in the fact that women talk about other men in such a manner that evokes their current partner’s jealousy or self-doubt. Ex-boyfriend, husband, other people with whom you meet your wonderful male friends – all these themes are dangerous and inconvenient, if, touching them, you show enough sensitivity. Hint: if you doubt your abilities, leave the other men abroad your relationship.

4. Slovenly and unkempt appearance

So many beautiful women launch themselves and then wonder why they can not attract a man. The way you look affects how you feel. And if you look unattractive, then most likely you do not feel so hot, and the men catch is your feeling about it. When the relationship is such that women feel too comfortable, they often stop trying to look attractive


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