How to Live Together And Not Quarrel Over Money

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Every man has his attitude toward money and spending. Some people prefer to plan their expenses down to the penny. Others make the purchase spontaneously, without counting how much is left in your wallet. Someone has to save for vacations, new furniture or a fur coat. And someone lives in a debt. And the biggest mistake – to require close contact with the money as you used to do it.

It is unlikely that you will be able to rehabilitate an adult, make him reconsider their principles. After all, the relationship with money – it is a consequence of his character, habits and education, which has not change. But it is possible to adjust their behavior and comply with rules that will help avoid violent quarrels.
Terms of monetary disputes

   1. Talk about daily spending. It is thus important not to report what you have already spent the money, and pronounce the coming expenses. Such conversations help share the burden of financial responsibility. It is often disputes arise from the fact that one of the spouses think: it is he pays for all the family needs, and the second is spending money for pleasure.
2. Do not scold each other for an expensive purchase. You may have had their plans on this amount. And your half of them spent at their discretion. Whatever it was, swear pointless, because the money gone.
3. Notify the other if you want to spend a large sum. You do not like it when your half completely independently and makes an expensive purchase? Think about it, when you decide yourself to spend a large sum of money without his / her knowledge, and seek advice. After all, you – the family, and make decisions should be together, not alone.

How to divide expenses?

The total budget. In this case, you add up all their income into a common purse. And take the money from it as needed. This method is suitable for families, where the great trust between the spouses. And it is not appropriate if one spouse is too tightfisted or, alternatively, wasteful.

Unity of command. It is understood that all the money again add up to a total purse, but dispose of some one. When other half of the needed money will have to ask the “boss purse and, possibly, to explain what they will be spent. Suitable for families with patriarchal culture, where the husband – raiser and the owner. Then my wife will have no difficulty, and to give the right to dispose of his money, and leave it right for you.

Separate wallets. In this variant, each living on his money, and spending, as a rule, distributed spontaneously. Woman pulled from the mailbox receipt for rent – went paid. The man remembered that over the potatoes, went on the market and bought it. Suitable for families in which a trusting relationship. When there is confidence that the spouse will not hide their income and make personal stash.


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