Golden Rules For Happy Relationship

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Here are some of them.

Rule confidence. To truly love marital trust is essential. Without it one person becomes suspicious, anxious, and the other gets into an emotional trap: it seems that freedom is lost. So learn to trust not only my favorite (favorite), but also to the relationship.

Rule sincere communication – a common mistake among newly married couples: they think that for a happy family life simply love. But love – not an artificial flower, which does not need care. She is like a living plant – may flourish or may fade. It all depends on how we cherish.

Sincerity of love, like water for the plant – without it can not survive. Speak to each other about their feelings and desires. Be sure to tell about how you husband (wife) love and appreciate – do not be afraid to praise. And do not take good opinion of yourself as self-evident. Thank you!

Rule donation. To find true love, you must first sincerely and selflessly give part of himself. If you want to get love, you need to give it. And the more you give, the more you get. And remember: the supply of love we have unlimited. And the only way to lose love – it does not give it to others.

But the problem is that many do not want to give the first, they love with reservations: “I will love you, but if you love me.” Waiting until someone takes the first step. It’s just that a musician would say: “I’ll play after the guests begin to dance.” True love asks for nothing in return.

Rule touch. Touch – is one of the most powerful expressions of love. It breaks down barriers and strengthens relationships. To restore the normal atmosphere in the family of psychiatric practice, even recommended special training: often embrace a partner for no sexual motive; mischief as children, in public holding hands like young lovers. By the way, “students” say it is the most difficult homework in their lives.

When you care for someone touch, change, and your physiology: reduced levels of stress hormones, relaxes the nervous system, strengthens immunity, improves emotional state. Wise men say: if you are not a day gently hug 7-8 people, you are doomed to disease.

Rule of freedom. If you love the person, give him his freedom. Freedom of choice, freedom to live as he wants, but not as you want. Of course, it is not easy. But no other choice. In order not to feel trapped, everyone needs personal space.


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