What if he Abandoned You

In general, you bad. So bad that you’re willing to do anything to get from the men escaped an untimely even a part of the previous attention. To see the smile, eyes meet, talk. I experienced it myself. And I can tell you: do not be disheartened, ladies – men sometimes come back. And despite the fact that you probably at that moment the man would no longer be needed, his fall to his knees, begging for forgiveness and the phrase “I understand that you are the best” will be very pleasant. What could prompt him to take such a step? .

First, forget about it. More precisely, literally not be able to forget. It’s like “not to think about the pink elephant”, which are beginning to crawl into your head with a true African passion. But do not you show your affection in the state. Do not write, do not call him, do not throw up, but do not try to recreate the illusion that you have agreed to the friendship that he’ll “graciously” offered. Give the former a chance to relax. This will open the door to further communication.

Secondly, do not talk to him about the relationship. Of course, you and itching to write him a sms «I miss you, complain that the loneliness you started to smoke cannabis, but at the same time to walk on the shortcomings of his current passions. Not worth it! Because everyone understands that it is – a fool painted, and you – the light and the angel in the flesh, abstain from caustic comments. Remember, you need to prove that you – the perfect woman! And consequently, to complain about life, rude, and give rein to mental instability (which is what could be there, often visiting us after a painful break) is not desirable.

Third, get them. That means: wipe tears and nakraste eyes, take a half-salary for sale at a clothing store, come in a beauty salon and pointing to his finger, said: “Make of this woman’s top model. It is clear that your body is rejected you have irritation. But this is temporary. In fact, after the night sobbing into my pillow, you’ve lost weight and look sexy, but tinged with melancholy eyes and romantic pallor you look good. Now you need to pack wisely and make tempting Heartbreakers.

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