Why Does Love End?

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My family

They wipe their tears, seeing the newlyweds a long and happy family swimming, busily corrected dress the bride and reassuringly patting on the shoulder, the groom got upset, shout loudest “bitter,” or, conversely, modest and touchingly sentimental, looking for breeding young and familiar to them eyes of entering adulthood. Relatives. At what point are closest to you people transform into evil creatures tiranyaschih young family, now and then put a spoke in the wheel of your desire to live in peace and harmony? It happens in different ways. And the number of parties to a conflict often goes far beyond the scheme “tescha-zyat/svekrov-nevestka. Grandmothers are arguing with each other about the care of grandchildren, brothers and sisters pulling each his own way “blanket” parental neglect, and finishing off of household and property bears to get a bigger piece of skin later, and in some cases and at different stages of the process can connect cousins nephews of the Kirov and the father’s maternal aunt, staying for a week or two “to drink tea until the queue to the cashier for a ticket platskartni not approached.

Unravel mutual antagonism man that is called, unprepared (and married couples, as a rule, these are) is practically impossible. Again, who among us, sobbing on the shoulder of his mother or older sister sharing with joyful anticipation the night before the wedding, think about that later, “all of which can be used against you,” as in bad movies. Before the close, we are open as to anyone else, because it is from them we most expect support and understanding.

Outcome: Remembering instructions senior in the spirit of the weather in the house – the main task of women “, you take on responsibility for the conduct of each and everyone who likes to intervene. And fall exhausted under the weight of this burden.

In another way: To clearly understand that everything that happens in your family, applies only to you. Point. As if by magic scandalous in-law becomes the host of the house where you go every two weeks and where did you take away corporate pie with cabbage and rice seedlings for the home of the herbarium, even if you parted with the fact and the other at the nearest dump. Especially active willing to share with you how “ugly received” or that you own people, provides a notebook with phones of all family members and a proposal to speak directly to the address, so that information reaches the person involved without distortion and delay.


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