10 Will Love This

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1. He is revealed to you. The story about the innermost thoughts and feelings – a difficult test for all people, especially for men. Be sure he did not just become stripping in front of you heart.

 2. He does the dirty work. Removal of debris or otdraivanie sinks – not very romantic behavior, but this man’s way to show their concern, helping and making your life easier.

3. He asks you for help. Every time he asks you to help him choose a gift for Mom, he wants to hear your opinion, because he respects you and your choice. Is not it a sign of great love?

4. He expresses his feelings in public. If he and tries to hold your hand, hugged, kiss – think of this as a compliment. He is happy and proud that you – his woman, and sometimes there is no better way to express your feelings than to squeeze tightly to his beloved.

5. He chooses the right gifts. If the gifts received from him, do not represent anything special – that’s no reason to worry: Most men have no idea how to present what is really needed. But if he has consistently hit you the contents of boxes in a beautiful gift pack, it is – a sure sign of his great love. Your man not only knows how to listen, but prepared to spend quite a lot of time on finding the right gift.

6. It introduces you to his family. You can be sure: as soon as a man introduces his girlfriend with his mother, the latter immediately begins to hint to him that she had long wanted to become a grandmother. So, deciding to gather around one table two favorite women, a man knows very well what he is. But you should understand that he sees the future in your relationship.

7. It makes you part of his circle. To introduce you to their circle – is not only a nodding acquaint with friends. If he really is making plans for the future, you will plan joint trips to the cinema, sitting in restaurants, “spontaneous” party or invite you to events that he has with his friends became a good tradition: visiting sportbarov during important matches, traveling to the parks , going to the bowling alley, etc.

8. It becomes part of your life. If he does not like to join you during the boring shopping or meekly watching another lacrimal series on television, you know – he prepared for a long siege.

9. He goes to a compromise. It’s simple: if he loves you, wants to make you happy. This does not mean that he will always allow you to do anything, but he is willing to compromise suits both parties – that’s for sure. No matter what we were talking – about the place of the joint holiday or to whom to go to close the door – it will show your love willing to yield.

10. He speaks about love. Of course, the man’s confession of love – an event as rare as anecdotal encounter with a dinosaur, so if it suddenly “burst”, listen, not missing a word! Who knows, when his “chart ranks” in the next time.


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