Anybody For Some Free money?

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SARE stands for Sustainable, Agricultural, Research, and Education. This is how we got started with our bees. When we got our property we had spoke to Eric Barett down at the Washington County Extension office. He told us about some grant opportunities that might fit our situation. The SARE fit perfectly. The thing about this grant was that it was for normal people… you know, the ones who got C’s in Creative Writing???

Sound familiar to anyone? Ok, maybe it’s just me. Don’t get me wrong here… I love to Yak at people… and I can pretty much get my point across… it’s just that darn punctuation and I guess you could say some of my wording is not gramatically correct. I know, I know,…. Say it isn’t so, right? HaHaHa. Ok, Back to my story.

They even have a website. Although, I find it a bit hard to read through. I found that one on one with Eric was easier for me to understand. He explained how to write it… he even checked the spelling and such. YEAH ERIC! You Rock! (plug) So, here it was my first time writing… and WE GOT IT! Yeah! If that isn’t Heaven sent I don’t know what else is!!! We as individuals got $6,000. A group of 3 or more farmers can request up to $18,000.

I think it is an awesome thing when the little ol’ farmer gets some real support! So for $6,000 I got to begin our beekeeping endeavor focusing on allergy sufferers. We have spoke to many individuals.. completed TONS of research on the subject. I have compiled some of the best articles and information on the benefits of honey on this website. We also take handouts to every show we have, spreading the word on the greatness of honey.

Oh! And the SARE ofcourse. It really is a wonderful opportunity. I advise anyone interested to check out the website, call your local extension office, or feel free to ask me anything you want.

I know that God is working in our lives….and this grant is more evidence to that fact. I praise Him for all that He has allowed to happen in our lives! As we move forward in our endeavor, I know that God is right by our sides.. leading us in the way we should go.


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