Why do Women Want to Marry

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That’s when you grow up and get married … “- liked to start the lesson Anfisa Ivanovna, my school teacher labor. “All come out?” – One day I asked curiously. “Of course!” – “And if you do not want?” – “How does it not want?” – On the nose Anfisa Ivanovna jumped off his glasses. Genuine surprise trudovichki I remember for years to come. I remembered it when a girlfriend with a sigh, a classmate called eligible bachelor when classmate happily announced that she had made an offer, and when a neighbor woman Nelya sob after departing limousine: “Our something Olga married. What happiness! “No joy girlfriends, no tears hearted old woman could not penetrate the wall of my misunderstanding. Why do women want (and should want) to get married? If a man is loved, then you do not interfere live together.

They love weddings. Above all, than dream of the majority of lady – a white dress. With a corset, crinoline, gloves, and as a sauce for this cake, ice cream – a silk ribbon cable from the pages and flowers in portbuketnitse. Fairy Princess! Apogee beauty and femininity. Seeing these pictures, none classmate not keep himself from biting wind envy elbow. None of the former suitors, who once blurted out: “You ought to learn to paint, can not help but exclaim:” How beautiful she is! “Oddly enough, for the sake of a momentary triumph, admiring the views and attention of many ladies and dream of going under crown. Only they, of course, this is not recognized. They will say – “for love”.

To bind a man. Of course, we all marry for love, and only because of her! But few are aware that stigmatize a friend gold ring on his finger and the status of “married to …” in the social network we want to sigh with relief: “Oof!” Now the secretary will cease to draw him pictures of a happy family life, fellow student ceases overwhelm its messaging, and in general, “he married me, not you, so wash, ladies, I won.”

Out of curiosity. When one lover man asked Socrates if he should marry, he replied: “Do what you want – still regret it.” We will not argue with the old man Socrates. Indeed, many marriages end badly, and so many women are married with a ready suspicion beforehand: “I do not know how we will have …” But it’s better to be wrong than not to commit and then regret.


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