How to pass any test

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There are two parts of a test that each have different strategies.

-Multiple Choice


The first one I will cover is multiple choice.

Normally multiple choices consist of a question and 4 possible answers.

1. First go through and answer all the easy questions you know the answer to.  Not only will this save you time but you will also not miss these answers by not having enough time to get to them.

2. Go to the first multiple choice question you dont know.  First cross out all the answers that just seem crazy and cannot be the answer.  This will normally get it down to 2 answers.  Then, think about the multiple choice questions you have already answered and see if any of them can give you a hint to this question.

3.  If you have no idea what the answer might be and you cannot cross any off, it is usually ok to guess unless you get counted off for all the ones you miss but you dont get counted off for the ones you dont answer.  Then it would not be ok to guess.  But if it is, use your best educated guess.  Statistical evidence says that “C” is the more common answer on tests then any other letter.

Essay questions are typically a lot easier than multiple choice questions.  If you don’t know the answer to the essay question, have no fear as these easy steps will help you to create a solid answer.

1. Rambling.  Rambling although frowned down upon, can usually make your paper seem more in depth and seem like you actually know what you are talking about.

2. Pull outside information in.  Take an event that you think compares with the question and talk about it.  Doing this scores major points with the teacher and can help make your paper easier to write when you have no idea what it is supposed to be about.

3. Make an outline.  An outline makes everything much easier in the long run and can help you see what you need to focus on to make your paper longer and more in depth.


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