Leave Without Her Husband: For And Against

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A rest is good – do not bother anyone

But in this place, just like in a fairy tale about love that ends in marriage, and the fun begins. When the time allotted to stay together and only together, is so much, it turns out that not much we know how to use them. Together. Great if it – every six months to bring a bored house wife at a company party and two hours tolerate her whining on the theme “I want the same dress as hers? And you try to survive two weeks of every night in the light output, while never without putting up resistance as a timid “maybe today, I admire the book in the room, and you go down ….”

Sasha loved extreme: dive scuba diving, free climbing and has mastered all types of freestyle skiing before, as met with Andrew. Reasonable and far from the sport youth were enthusiastic about the idea of Sasha’s trip to the mountains, on which he really never in my life have not been. Not thought to warn her, however, that the word “go” it does not mean “to conquer”. So had a great time: Sasha – in nature in the company of students, climbers, Andrew – admiring the power and grandeur of mountain scenery from a hotel window. Here’s your vacation together.

Finding a compromise, throwing lots or to decide on the pastimes by “you – I, I – you” right and good. But not always makes sense. In the end, leave – it is really relax and enjoy. A pleasure to everyone can be his own. As a hobby. Nobody would ever think to acquaint man to cross stitch or offended that he does not show due to this interest. So why he did this hotel sheets in anticipation of your return from Mount Athos?

Rest we can only dream

Holidays in general a very serious matter. To check your rights at the close mental compatibility and mutual understanding, we, thank God, do not walk with him in intelligence. Under current conditions a long time ago other law: if you want to quarrel with someone on the rest of your life – go with him to rest. The best friends are not necessarily divided among a handsome on tour – the king beach, couples, over the years supported the “friendship houses”, to flame because of inflated prices for rental cottages painted on the shores of what some lakes in central Russia, but few if … A between a man and a woman – one of the most subtle and vibrant fabrics – and even more so full of slippery places and hot spots, whose existence you to rest the joint can not even guess.


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