How to Check How Serious Sense of Men?

Think about whether your feelings and intentions are the same? Perhaps, while you make plans, he simply good time and especially do not think about the future. We offer several ways to check how serious it is to you.

1. All of his former girl he calls “crazy”

Be careful with a man who belonged to his ex-girlfriend as a crazy and overly emotional. First, it could mean that he pay more attention to detail and does not care about maintaining relationships. Secondly, is there any guarantee that behind him, he does not call you the same.

2. At the meeting, he invites you … to your home

A cozy candlelit dinner – it is always beautiful, usually unexpectedly, and most importantly, very nice. But if he does nothing that invites you to his home, is a good guard. Maybe he just does not want random encounters with other women friends? So next time take the initiative in their hands and ask her lover get on in life – go to a restaurant or bar, but at the same time watch his reaction.

3. He does not pamper you with phone calls

He can scatter your text messages at night, say for an hour on the phone, but then fall silent for a week. Of course, loving woman can find a lot of excuses, but whether he did? And if, while you think he works hard in the office, your better half turns novels on the side? Do not lose vigilance.

4. He is an active user of social networks

Whether he puts into the social network your overall picture? Indicates whether it is your marital status or if he ever posted on the status of “unmarried”? If you have any doubt – is an occasion to listen. If your man hides your relationship, even in the pages of social networks, there is no reason to wait for another behavior in real life.

5. You are not interested in the company of his friends

Although at first glance, his friends seem to be very pleasant and friendly, do not rush to conclusions. Analyze, wondering whether his company is your life – interests, hobbies, place of work? No? Maybe they just do not want to spend your precious time inquiries, because they know that for a long time with their friend, you do not linger?

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