The Main Reason For Discord in The Family

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Scientists have found that spouses often quarrel because of different understandings of the word “love”.

American scientists have tried to clarify the nature of family quarrels and conducted a survey of spouses on the subject. The results showed that the root of all problems – different perceptions of love. Curiously, those same scientists have proved that life without the fights are not very good impact on health.

Men love – trust, admiration, approval, encouragement, gratitude and humility, the ability to concede. A representative of the fair sex is associated love with other things: care, tenderness, understanding, respect, loyalty and recognition.

In addition, we found that married couples are extremely reluctant to turn to professional psychologists and prefer to solve their problems privately. For most of the very fact of contacting a specialist testified to end relationship.

As for the other reasons for quarrels, there is a rather standard set: most of the respondents called treason, not wanting to appease the interests of each other, raising children, as well as relationships with family and friends.

Scientists recommend when trying to resolve their own differences to maintain ever closer contact with her husband and calmly argue his point of view. According to experts, is rooted in an inability to argue the main reason for all problems. A Russian businessman Vasily Boyko believes that difficulties in relations arise because of the fact that the lovers living in cohabiting and not married.


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