How to manage your time

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Time management can be one of the most useful habits a person can develop.  A well managed person can live a less stressed life and have a brighter outlook on the future.

Time management can be broken down into steps.  The first one being to make a list of all major activities you participate in (including work)

A typical day might look like this

7 A.M. – Wake Up and do morning necessaties (Breakfast, shower, brush teeth, etc.)

8 A.M. – Go to work

12 P.M – 1 P.M. – Lunch Break

5 P.M. – Leave Work

6 P.M. – Cook Dinner

7 P.M. – Leisure Activities

10 P.M. – Go To Bed

( Although not everyones day will look like this, you get the general concept. )

Once you get an idea for your average day, it is time to look at important dates.  (I suggest getting a phone that has a calendar application such as a blackberry to help manage this time).

Once you have entered all upcoming dates, you now have an organized view of how your time will be spent.

The next steps are easy:

-Stay organized and always stay on top of new dates that might pop up.

-Never schedule something that might conflict with other activities you might have.

With a well balanced schedule, you will be able to live a more organized life and have time for other things that you are normally too busy for.


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