Look For Permanent Solutions Rather Than Quick Fixes

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From birth to death one has to encounter different types of problems. Do Not Run Away From a Problem. In case you run away from a problem you may temporarily benefit, however the problem exists. In the process you end up running into another problem. How long will you keep running and how many problems will you keep running away from? Whenever you have a problem do not just sit on it. Strike When The Iron Is Hot. Ensure you go to the route cause of the problem and put an end to it permanently. As the saying goes “To Do Good There is No Bad Time”. 

Do not prefer quick fix solutions to problems as they will recur.

At every stage in life from school to college and personal life to professional life problems are bound to surface. There is no point getting overtly upset about the problem as it will lead you nowhere. Understand the problem in its totality and then arrive at a solution. Many of the problems are very basic and can be resolved instantly provided you are willing to spend some time. If a problem is nipped off in the bud stage it will not precipitate into a cancerous disease.

But, “If You Think You Do Not Have Any Problem, You Have A Problem“.


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