My Kid Often Says " i am Bored"

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As a young mother I found it a bit hard to deal with the new challenges of motherhood. Out of the things that I dealt with, the most irritating and depressing of all was answering this question. My son is an active child and needs to be doing something all the time; but often gets bored. Perhaps this is because he is a single child and he is too young to go out and play with mates all by himself. All he got are his playthings and me at home. So to keep him engaged I devised a few steps of my own, which worked well with my kid.

Firstly, I made a list of things which he likes to do and the ones which hold his attention for a relatively longer time period. The list might contain coloring, drawing, watching TV, going through a picture book, music etc. The tastes and likes might vary from kid to kid. I tried scheduling these activities giving them particular time each day. Giving time frame to each activity dint go well with my kid. He wanted to do different things at different times. So in a day according to his interests I tried to distribute these activities. Since my son is just 4 years old he needed my presence and involvement during most of these activities. SO……

Second thing was to engage him in the works I do at home; the daily routine household chores. When you have things to do and a child to engage too, it might seem like a Herculean task. Involving the child in your work will make it very easy for you to go about both the things hand in hand. You can tell him to do some small errands for you. That will keep him interested too and also it is helpful to you to finish the work at hand. For example; ask him to handover the clothes from the basket for you to dry them, moving little things back to their places, giving him a small cloth to wipe the vessels dry etc.

While cooking you can give him a small seat near you and keep talking to him about the cooking you are doing, about the different colors, sounds and smells he can see there. This will help you to go about with your work and the kid is also happy, with all the attention he is getting from his mom. This will save you from going through the dramatic scene of your kid coming and tugging at your dress to pull you somewhere and you busy cooking or doing things and then you shouting at him to keep quiet and to get out.

Clever Moms! = Happy Kids = Happy Moms! 🙂


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