Women’s Top 50 Complaints About Men

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Women’s Top 50 Complaints About Men

  1. All he ever wants is sex.

  2. He doesn’t help with household chores.

  3. He doesn’t call me during the day to just say ‘hi’.

  4. He’s not honest with me.

  5. I can’t get him to open up about his feelings.

  6. He never buys me flowers.

  7. He doesn’t want sex often enough (different men from #1).

  8. He looks at other (pretty) women when we go out.

  9. He flirts with other women.

  10. He doesn’t say ‘I love you’.

  11. He’s not a very good listener…which leads to #12.

  12. When I tell him my problems, he wants to immediately tackle and solve them (goal-oriented), rather than just listening to me (empathy & sensitivity).

  13. He leaves his dirty clothes everywhere.

  14. All he talks about is himself.

  15. All he cares about is himself (seeing a pattern here?).

  16. He’s too stingy.

  17. He watches ESPN too much.

  18. During football season, he’s glued to the TV every weekend.

  19. He hangs out with his guy friends too much (not enough with me).

  20. He eats like a pig.

  21. He never takes me anywhere.

  22. He never romances me.

  23. He’s not a planner—‘Why can’t he plan a special date (or vacation)?’

  24. He’s too much into his work.

  25. He’s always on the computer.

  26. He has an addiction problem (e.g. drugs, porn, gambling)

  27. He’s not ambitious enough.

  28. He talks about his ex-girlfriend (or ex-wife) too much.

  29. He doesn’t spend time with the kids.

  30. He doesn’t help out with the baby.

  31. His mother (or father, or sister) drives me crazy.

  32. He doesn’t like to show affection enough (or at all).

  33. He doesn’t appreciate all the things that I do during the day.

  34. Sex is too quick (could have several meanings).

  35. I think he’s cheating on me.

  36. He’s afraid of commitment.

  37. I think he has a testosterone problem (see numbers 1 & 7 above).

  38. I don’t think he really hears what I’m saying.

  39. I don’t know if he truly cares about me.

  40. I don’t like the way he gets when he’s drunk.

  41. He scares me when he gets angry.

  42. He doesn’t know how to manage money.

  43. He’s too obsessed with the Cowboys (or Yankees, Giants, etc.)

  44. He won’t communicate with me.

  45. He embarrasses me in front of his friends (or family).

  46. He drives like a maniac.

  47. He cusses too much.

  48. He has no fashion sense.

  49. He doesn’t know how to pleasure me (in bed).

  50. He never calls, after he says ‘I’ll call you.’

Coming soon: Men’s Top 50 Complaints of Women


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