M+O+N+E+Y $$$ … How Much Does it Affects Ones Life ??!!

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Have you ever ask people (including yourself) what is the heaviest load that they carry in their lives? 99 out of 100 people will say “lack of money”!!! Amazing isn’t ?

“Lack of money” can drive anyone to destruction. Huge amount or small it doesn’t matter … the pressure behind it is the culprit that drives a person in committing or doing things that they never ever imagined they could. The same reason is accountable for losing one’s identity, self respect, love ones (family), sacrificing ones principles and values in life, and a lot more.

Some people prefer a simple living to avoid the headaches that accompanies having the life in the fast lanes .. but still they are not spare from it. What more amazed me is that there are people who are considered gurus and expert in handling money matters and some of them are even noted for giving financial advises but even them are not spared from this curse.

How can we avoid being under the curse of this medium called “MONEY” ??!! Is it by loving it instead of hating it ?! How can we have the full control over it instead of being controlled by it? What is the magic formula behind successful financial management?  


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