How TO Get Mp3 From Youtube Video

You need not to download any software or file.No need of converters need only a PC and an internet connection.The whole process is online and free of cost.They dont charge anything for there services

First of all you need to go to the video for which you want the mp3.Now get the URL of that video.Now open another website called “LISTENTOYOUTUBE.COM”.It is one of the most trusted sites worldwide.You will find a dialogue box on its homepage.Copy/paste the URL of the video in that box.Then it will ask you to specify the quality of the mp3.It offers high quality audio also,select your quality of the mp3 and click on “go”.It will take about a minute to check the URL of the video and then convert it into mp3 of your desired quality.Once the conversion is over click on “download mp3”.a page will appear and click on “download mp3” once again.Once you click it a dialogue box will appear.Click on save and select the desired name and location of the file on your pc.Clicking on save will let you start your downloading process.Once done you can enjoy your song..You can try it just now.


NOTE-This metod is applicable only for youtube videos.It will not work for anyother videos sharing website.

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