How To Keep Friends

Friendship is the art to be learnt by every person. Some people are easy-going and for them it is really easy to make new friends as well as know them better and keep them around all the time. But sometimes it happens that people who are really kind and goos to us just vanishing and all our efforts to keep them are pretty useless. Why is it like this?

People continuously search for new experiences as well as they want their lives to be stable and definite. New experiences = new friends, but stability = old friends. People are all different and someone prefer stability to the experience much more, so they usually are good friends and stay together for a very long time if not for a lifetime. There are people who keeps the friendship that had started at school till they are already in age, this happens rarely. Sometimes friends are even closer than relatives and they are trusted with the most precious and personal information.

In case you really want to keep a good friend near you, you should always communicate and interfere with each other. Going out, spending sometime together is the top of priority. Don’t be afraid to introduce your friends to each other this will make it really easy to cooperate and stay in the larger group of trusted people. Eventually it will grow into a small “family”. Celebrating your holidays, birthdays together is the must. Also it is great if you can spend some time travelling together, new places unite people and the same memories keep the bonds tightly close. If by any reason you are not able to meet your friends, there is a great number of ways how to contact them through e-mail, mail and phone. Don’t wait for the letter from your friend, be the first who sends it. Suprise the person more often, let him know you remember about him and value your friendship. Advice some good sources to your friend according to his interests, and if your interests are the same then it is definitely easier to enjoy the company of each other.

Don’t ever stop making new friends, the more people you knwo the better chances to keep it up and widen your outlook.

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