Natural Remedies For Acidity And Heartburn

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Acidity and Heartburn happens when there is too much acid in the stomach. Some of the things that can cause excessive acid in stomach are not eating on time, eating Refined and fiber less food, consumption of spicy foods, alcohol consumption, excessive smoking, stress, inadequate sleeping, eating hurriedly without proper chewing, difficulty in digesting certain foods etc. Acidity or Heartburn can cause burning sensation, nausea, and bitter taste in mouth, vomiting or pain in the stomach. However, there are several natural and home remedies which can be used to treat this condition. Given below are 20 such remedies to treat the condition.

  • Eat small pieces of jaggery by slowly sucking it till the acidity subsides.

  • Drink Coconut Water once in 2-3 hours. 

  • Have a bowl of Watermelon Fruit every 1-2 hours. 

  • Have a bowl of cucumber pieces every 1-2 hours. 

  • Eat one Banana after every 1 hour till acidity and heart burn subsides. 

  • Eating Yogurt can provide immediate relief from acidity.

  • Chewing Basil leaves can provide relief from blazing, nausea and gas. 

  • Drinking Cold Milk or eating milk products may give quick relief of heartburn and acidity. 

  • Eating a few almonds can help when you experience heartburn symptoms.

  • Put a piece of Clove and suck on it gradually.

  • Drink fresh mint juice after meals.

  • Chew a piece of Harad (Terminalia chebula) after meals.

  • Take equal quantities of chebulic myroblan and Indian gooseberry juice for relief from acidity.

  • Drink themixture of two teaspoons of Apple Cider Vinegarand two teaspoons of honey in a glass of water. 

  • Drink the water made by boiling a glass of water with half a tsp of cumin seeds. 

  • Drinking Herbal tea made of spearmint and liquorice can help. 

  • Drinking cabbage juice daily can help prevent acidity. 

  • The habit of Drinking water in the early morning can help prevent acidity.

All the natural remedies listed above are effective in the treatment of Acidity and Heart burn. Those suffering from this condition are advised to avoid fried foods, pickles, spicy foods, chocolate, unripe high pectin fruits etc. Also drink lots of water throughout the day and chew the food well when eating. Another caution one may exercise is eating on time and not keeping too much gap between meals. Smoking, Alcoholismand Pain Killer Addiction are habits that can harm you as well, so keep away from it. Food should be eaten at least 2 hours before going to bed.


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