Ibiza Flies "balconing" – Drunken Tourists Jumping Off The Balcony Into The Pool

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Neoplasm this indicates a phenomenon in which the steep rise Baleares a which consists in jumping from the window, the hotel rooms in the pool. Option is to jump from balcony to balcony, often to get the girls to the rooms, writes the French newspaper Le Monde.

Since the beginning of summer have died in this high-risk game four tourists and more than thirty are injured, some of them seriously, when they fell into the yard and ran to the edge or the bottom of the pool.

Most recently, new cases occur almost daily. On Friday, 20 August was a fall from a balcony transported to a hospital in Ibiza twenty-three foreign tourists. The day before the victim was two years older than the Spaniard, two days before the twenty-three Romanians. Already 8th August twenty-one Briton died in a fall of almost the third of his team hotel in Ibiza. His friends said he had consumed a mixture of alcohol, ecstasy and hallucinogenic drugs synthetic crystal.
A man injured his spine when jumping into the fountain

“Balconing” is not new to the Balearic Islands. Over the past two years there have been counted seven dead. In 2008, aroused the public in case a young man who had seriously damaged the spine, he jumped headlong into the fountains. But the phenomenon has spread – the regional government counted from the beginning of the year for nine victims.

Hoteliers first decided to respond by increasing the railing on the balconies, and Chairman of the Federation of Ibiza Juan Jose Riera now studying the possibility of “shock” campaign by showing the consequences of these misfortunes. Town Hall in Sant Antoni de Portmany in Ibiza again intends to ask the tour guides to the traditional speeches of welcome on the island warned tourists of the danger. Some hoteliers talk about the introduction of fines.

Councillor for Tourism in the Balearic Islands Joana Balcelóová regrets the negative image of Ibiza is the “sport” created abroad, and speaks instead of “isolated cases”. But the Balearic reputation as a place of dubious entertainment come up with “balconingem.

Ibiza is often associated with giant outdoor party, where they are readily available drugs and sex. Exploration between 2000 Spaniards aged 18 to 25 years old this summer showed that 71.3 percent of them are Ibiza and Mallorca for 35.9 percent of the best place for fleeting sexual relationships.


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