Referee Football Player Stabbed With a Knife, he Died. The Culprit is on The Run

An unfortunate event happened in Ceara State in Barreiro. Referee Jose Francisco Chaves da Silva killed. In doing so, was wounded and his brother, who was taken to hospital and is hospitalized. My ribs hurt from the knife.

And why does everything happen? After the whistle a foul against a visiting team swept strkanice near the penalty area. Francisco da Silva kicked the referee, it is joined by his brother. In the subsequent skirmish referee Jose da Silva stabbed in the chest.

“It was an amateur match, police were not in place. Now is a killer on the loose, but we have information about his movements. We believe that withholding it soon, “said the chief of military police case Marcos Paulos.

Portuguese coach Carlos Queiroz football team has led the National Union punished for anti-doping conflict with the commissioners before MS. 57-years coach was fined one thousand euros a month and not on the bench.

German Osieck became the new coach of Australian footballers

German Holger Osieck became the new coach the Australian national football team. 61-years coach Pim Verbeek replaced the Dutch, under which national team did not advance from the group at the World Cup in South Africa.

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