Those Wishing to Have Lunch With a Boxer Tyson to Pay Three Million, Will Train For 50 000

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Meanwhile on the surface only amounts that you can bring to the character who wrote the history of boxing. Otherwise, it still represents, negotiates, argues, but do not sign.

“Everything is in negotiations, but things are already taking shape. We rang the company and various partners, is that a lot. This will be the hotel and the trip on the Vltava river, “said promoter Peter Havrda of Brokerspol Company Ltd.

Partner of a former tour champion heavyweight boxing is Managerial Extraliga. She posted on its website to offer sponsorship, which is related to Tyson in Prague. A list of all zeros sparing. Private lunch – three million crowns, corporate events from 6 000 000 And what should become the general sponsor of the Gala Evening? So here you prepare 5.5 million crowns.
Training with Mike for 50 000 crowns per person

“The amounts are very approximate. Mike Price is given to us and we know what it will cost us. It depends on how companies will want to use Mike, how much time they spend with them. If it is a marketing event, whether they want to connect with a product, “said backstage politics Havrda.

But what fans of boxing? I have a chance? Have. But it will cost you. Yes, again it will be money. “Training should take place at ninety percent. We were to look at several fitness centers. I’ll say it hard, it will be a certain number of people who will pay for it, “says Havrda. And how much will go? Brother enough. Training of petrels in Brooklyn is rated at 50,000 crowns. Meant to person.

Who would have wanted respirovat same air from the room, so for a ticket to the VIP Gala evening to pull out of your wallet at least 15 000 crowns. “We are still not signed the contract. I can not say that this will be on Wednesday and Thursday this. Discussions with the lead, “says Peter Havrda promoter. And so it is certain is that nothing will come cheap.


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