Gang Rapes in Africa, 200 Women And Boys in Four Days

Will F. Cragin of the humanitarian organization International Medical Corps told AP by telephone that the staff of this organization know about occupancy Luvungi and surrounding villages in the mining region of eastern Congo a day after rebels there 30th July invaded. Members of his organization could enter the city only after the rebels ended the rape and looting and willingly, the fourth of the city August downloaded again.

Luvungi under Cragina about 16 kilometers away from the military base of UN peacekeepers. Its leaders say but not yet issued any statement on the case and said he was still investigating.

In town, he said invaded about 200-400 rebels. Did not there is no struggle, there were dead. “Just a lot of looting and systematic rape of women,” said Cragin.
Some victims drove into the woods

Rapes were also four young boys, said county health director, Dr. Charles Kasimbo Kach.

He said many women testified that they were raped in their homes, the children and spouses. Another victim chased the rebels into the nearby woods. Some apparently were raped repeatedly by three to six attackers.

International and local medical personnel treated 179 women have been raped but the number could be much higher because of terrified civilians were still hiding, “said Cragin. He added that before he got help disabled, it was too late to bring AIDS drugs and contraceptives.

Luvungi is a farm center with approximately 2200 inhabitants. Lies on the main road link between the administrative center of Goma and North Kivu large mining town of Walikale.

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