Alpha Protocol

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Alpha Protocol is an innovative and refreshing take on the RPG genre, unique in his fantasy and sci-fi peers. It is distinctly Western, with highly detailed graphics, a focus on the selection dialog, and branching skill tree. Obsidian Entertainment, a company known for RPGs, have outdone themselves. Alpha Protocol is probably their best game to date, and it leaves the player eager for more.

First Thoughts: Very slick
Like a man respectful of espionage, the first impression of the game can make or break the deal. Alpha Protocol’s introduction has a great polish, with solid character development options, some skill to master your new character, and probably a supporting cast of government hard-asses. Interestingly, the game challenges you before it provides a tutorial, and this early challenge was to establish many of the future relationship. This is an exciting way to establish a tense attitude to the game.

Branching storyline
Each playthrough of Alpha Protocol is unique. While a game may be the clock in 15 hours, the storyline is over between different performing. In a playthrough, a character may end up as a pivotal villain – in others, that character can be your friend and major arms supplier.

Most of them have to do with the branching storyline. Dialogue options are provided as one or two words, and a time limit in choosing the options dialog. It may make some more mundane conversations tense than they need to be, but it works well in more dangerous places in the game. A quick decisions during the conversation can open up the entire mission, close off allies, and change the world politics. The main features of several visits to the country during his mission, and its actions could change the world for better or worse.

The game is not clear which is the “right” and “wrong” choice. Unlike other RPGs, there is no “good meter” and “evil meter.” The game will leave you guessing the consequences of your choice until the end. It is very refreshing. In other RPGs, it’s too easy to bait the system and create a completely good or completely evil character. Consequences are predictable in the scenery, the storyline and the game suffers. Alpha Protocol is more about the gray area, and sometimes all the options available only lead to different levels of distress. Save the girl and destroy the culture museum, or save the museum and sacrifice the girl? Both have their own regrets, and unexpected consequences.

For being non-linear, Obsidian Entertainment has done an outstanding example of thinking of everything. The chosen minor may be made in Moscow Taipeng approach. If your character went to Taipeng first, then minor option never happened, but your character will make the choice Taipeng influence on events in Moscow. The constant references to your past work is a rewarding experience, and inspires many playthroughs to see them all.

The tutorial, much like the rest of the game, is filled with options. After opening chapters, the game quickly becomes non-linear mission selection. Also, there is always at least two paths to get to each mission, if not more. On top of that, each character can decide how to pursue every path.

Example: A character can specialize in stealing, gadgets, and fighting. The mission can take place in a mansion. Stealthy characters can take a route to the balcony, where there are more guards, while the fighting character can charge the group of guards and kill everything in sight. This is the obvious choice, but not the only option. Character rather be stealthy sneak infested room with the guard, sneak around them and knock them out one-by-one, and steal important data files. The fight of character can take route balcony instead, saving munisyon and health for the upcoming boss fight.

Battle is almost optional in this game. A stealthy character can avoid most of the fighting game. Furthermore, a character good at manipulating others may be allies boss fights. There are only a few fights in the game requirements, and even kills you.

Fighting lovers have several options. They can pursue a career in the use of weapons, four types are available: pistols, sub-machine guns (SMG), shotguns and assault rifles. Each of these weapons have a voice capability built in, such as automatic critical strikes if an assault rifle is held steady, or even knockbacks heavily armored opponents know Shots timing is good with a gun. Additionally, each weapon class has an active ability, such as the ability of the gun to stop time, letting you easily Shots head to score multiple enemies without giving away your position.

Including weapons, gadgets and supplement or replace the experience. Most players will opt to use the gadget to searching, and the game seems to not require it. On the other hand, the game will encourage some classes (tech specialist) to use gadgets, namely remote Mines, flashbangs, and grenades, to take opponents. This is probably the hardest route to get to the game, as it is usually easier to just avoid enemies or shoot them. The gadget-focused playthrough is worth the experience, however, as it is unique. Other shooters and RPGs do not offer the same experience.

Bosses and enemies
Bosses can be unforgiving. Many have the immediate ability to kill, and their regular attacks can be cruel to higher poverty. Unfortunately, bosses will also be repeated. Most bosses rely on henchmen to bother calling you as they shoot from far away, or they rely on sight-obscuring mechanics alternate between ranged and melee attacks. After defeating the first few bosses, both of these strategies continue to work until the end of the game. That does not make it any easier, but it will make them more surprising.

Regular enemies Alpha Protocol has varied AI. The game is extremely Intel network expansion allows the player to learn how each type of enemy is good. Some enemies rely on stealth and flanking techniques, while others are heavily armored, use grenades, and attempts to direct payments and knock the player off his feet. Being exclusively for people using guns exclusively, done surprisingly capable of keeping things varied. Thus, there is only so much variation between the body armors and guns, so there is some repetition in the fights.

A major component in an RPG is the ability to customize your character (s). The inventory system is designed well. The player is allowed to carry two weapons each mission, his choice of body armor, and a certain number of gadgets. Weapon has four slots upgrade (such as scopes and silencers). Body armors with variable amounts of upgrade options, which have better armors having more slots. Body armor upgrades can provide more armor the cost of being noisier, or provide interesting gameplay changes like making the player undetectable by the camera for a short period of time.

level of each player is given AP to spend on skills. There are combat oriented, stealth oriented, oriented gadgets, and other miscellaneous skill points to invest in all the characters can invest skill points in any of their choice at a certain level, but only certain classes can master their skills. One can not master commando stealth, but he could master assault rifles. A spy can master martial arts, but he could not master sabotage. The commando can still invest large amounts of points in the theft, but the best capabilities of theft is not available. It is encouraging characters that can multitask, but at the same time, the characters who specialize in a particular ability to get their favorite job done.

Some minigames are available related to hacking and lockpicking. They are designed well, and not be difficult or boring by the end of the game. The hacking minigame is considerably more difficult than other minigames, so it is advisable to invest some or armor upgrade skillpoints improving hacking.

Comparison to Other Games
Alpha Protocol is often compared to his contemporaries, in particular to Bioware’s Mass Effect series. Any Mass Effect fans should buy Alpha Protocol. The two games are similar enough to scratch both itches, but they are different enough to be refreshing and fun. Alpha Protocol makes some improvements to the formula Mass Effect, as a better organized inventory system, and a more streamlined system skills.

Alpha Protocol is also far more choices available within the game, but it could be a result of Mass Effect being a series. The latter is limited by its sequels, as any violent option may not be included in the first game, otherwise the game later would be impossible to design. Alpha Protocol is an ambivalent attitude to a sequel, and as a result, different choices lead to more unique outcome.

Both games are equally rewarding, and any player is obviously enjoying enjoy other.

The Negatives
As you might expect from a score of 9 / 10, I did not encounter many downsides. The biggest flaw in Alpha Protocol will moderate its PC control. There are some skills in the game, but this player is limited to choosing a competent and gadgets at a time. It would be convenient to have the option, or at least a more obvious choice, the gadget’s ability to map and number buttons. Also, the mouse sensitivity is not perfect. Adjusting the sensitivity is perfect for a weapon targeting makes too insensitive for moving around. Making it perfect for moving around makes it difficult to aim a weapon.

While the graphics are usually outstanding, especially at higher settings, there are occasional graphical glitches. These are few and far inbetween, fortunately. On a similar note, I found my character stuck in the terrain at least once during the game with no way to fix it besides reloading a save.

The checkpoint system is the ultimate flaw. While the game is almost convenient checkpoints, it is difficult to design to use checkpoints in a modern game. A quicksave feature is sorely needed this game, especially where a single action could have dire ramifications.

Alpha Protocol is a fantastic addition to any RPG, shooter, tactical or stealth fan’s library. The engrossing, non-linear storyline, it’s likely characters, and unique gameplay options make for a fun experience. Although the game is the shorter side, it is almost impossible not to play the game at least twice, if not more.


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