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Intellectual ownership is important because there are a lot out there who will make use of it and claim it if you do not do so. This is the reason why there are copyrights, patents and invention registration. So if you have an idea or an invention that you would like to claim ownership to, get a patent registration for it. You will not regret doing so. In fact, you may even regret it if you do not do something about it especially if your idea or your invention is worth it. The patent application drafting office has been established to administer different provisions of the patent filing and law relating to grants of patent registration, trademark registration trademark search and industrial designs and trademark. There are basically three main types of patents in India which are ordinary patent, convention and patents of addition.

The patent filing procedure in India by patent law firms can either be done alone or jointly with a partner, by an inventor or by a legal representative/law firm of deceased assignees. The inventions for which you can file the patent law can range from innovative or useful art, to an apparatus, machine or article. However you should know that the process of filing a patent in India is very complicated and cumbersome and hence it is advisable to find a good attorney/law firm. The professional patent attorney would help you in knowing what material is patented and what is not.

There are severaltrademark registration in india worldwide which practice patent law. A law firm which focuses on specialties like patent law and provides patent services to their clients in India & across the globe is called a patent law firm. There are seperate laws and procedures to file a Patent in India. A patent attorney can help you in filing a patent in India as he is aware of the patent laws in India. An Attorney in particular a Patent attorney would be the best person to advice and help you on how to safeguard your patent property by ipr law firms in India because a Patent attorney would be aware of all the Patent property law. Intellectual property like patent, copyright, trademark can be considered as a property and these have certain property law.

If you plan to get a company registration but you do not know where to start or how to go about it, there are a lot of websites that will give you the right information. You can even download some forms if you are seriously getting one. Once you submit your form to a patenting office, it will be accepted and assigned to a group to examine your invention. The patenting office has a lot of groups who specialize on a variety of things that makes them qualified to scrutinize your invention. The applications that were submitted to them are processed in the order that they were filed. There are instances when an inventor claimed two inventions in one form, but you have to know that the patenting office will not give you just one patent for all your inventions. You need to file one patent registration for each invention. You will be notified to the status of your application, whether it is accepted or rejected, and if you need to submit anymore requirements.

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