Tips For Weight Losing.

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  1.  Be aware of the calories in what you eat and drink. Note: Drinks can be a major source of calories, especially sweetened juices. Alcoholic drinks are also high in calories. And beware of those widely advertised soft drinks. Check the calorie count on the label. You migh shocked.

  2. Avoid temptation. If chips, chocolates, or cookies are on hand, you will inevitably eat them! replace them with low-calori snacks, such as apple, carrots, whole-grain wafers.

  3. Have a snack or an appetizer before eating a meal. It will take the edge off your appetite and may induce you to eat less.

  4. Don’t eat everything put in front of you. Be selective. Reject what you know will give you too many calories.

  5. Slow down. Why hurry? Enjoy your meal by noticing what you are eating – the colors interaction of foods. Listen to the body’s signals that say, “I’m full. I don’t need any more.”

  6. Stop eating before you feel full.

  7. Restaurants in some countries are notorious for serving excessive portions. Leave half of your entree behind, or share the plate with someone else.

  8. Desserts arenot essential to complete a meal. it is better to finish off with fruit or another low-calorie item.

Food manufacturers want you to eaat more. Profit is their bottom line. Thewill try to exploit your weaknesses. Don’t be taken in by their clever and advertising and pretty pictures. You can say no.



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