You had him and you lost him. Now what do you do?

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It happens all the time in movies and on television.  A couple splits up and the woman goes through a series of straightforward steps designed to get him back.

She puts on more makeup, gets a new hairstyle, and smiles more.  She might even sport a new  tan and new clothes.  She might be in better shape and does she look a little thinner?  In hopes of becoming the woman he really wants she has been making her gym times.  That’s the way it’s put to lead you it is easy.  Get the idea, sometimes there are a few silly schemes.  Like a jealousy trap of some sort involving a good friend.  It’s said that art imitates reality.  That could be the case here, as well.  In real life we see it reacted shortly after a break up.  She’s eating less, working out more, wearing shorter skirts and sporting new highlights in her hair.  She’s putting herself together for maximum attractiveness, hoping that her efforts will persuade her ex boyfriend to take a second chance on their relationship.   There is one distinction between the television approach and real life, though.  On the tube, those superficial little plans actually pay off.  The woman gets her man back and they live happily ever after.

In the real world, it rarely looks that way.  In the real world, the guy recognizes the desperation and sees right through the efforts.  He knows that you’re trying to get him back and he isn’t playing along.  Even if it did work, it wouldn’t keep him around.  You can only keep up an act so long, and making wholesale changes in hopes of winning back your boyfriend won’t last long enough to be effective.  Plus, guys are repulsed by the very scent of desperation!  If you are trying to get hi back with cheap tricks, you might want to reconsider.

On television and in the movies you can get your man back by putting on a short skirt and smiling suggestively.  What really increases your chances of getting back together with your ex boyfriend  in the real world… you have to be a complete, genuine person. 

If you want to get your boyfriend back, it’s time to give up on cute little silly solutions that make better movies than real-life plans.  You need to go after him honestly, authentically and with dignity.  If you do that, you stand a very good chance of getting him back in your life.  If you rely on cheap tricks, however, the odds are going to be stacked tall against you.


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