Clear Your Desk Every Day in Your Job

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Your job may be about billing, accounts or typing of letters. Ensure that you complete the daily tasks, so that you feel fresh for the next job. It is true that all through the week days, you are overloaded with more work. But you can work it out, by assigning some of the  easier tasks to your juniors and you take such tasks that are slightly tough where your energies and skills can be offered in delivering a good quality work.

If you have a daily task chart, it is more useful for you to keep a record of the completed tasks and pending tasks.   This way, you can make an analysis  about your  working speed and accordingly try to put more efforts in delivering more work.

On many occasions, due to emergency works, you may set aside some of the daily tasks and may begin to attend to the immediate tasks. Although this is quite common, you must ensure to complete the daily tasks as far as possible, because each new day, you have more responsibilities and piling up of work will lower your progress in work.

Keeping this in view, work fast and finish all the pending works quickly even with the help of assistants. Your boss also will appreciate your initiative attitude and will begin to rely on you for more responsible jobs.  Staying in good looks of the boss is really important because, boss is a person with whom you need to interact, discuss, negotiate and present your work papers.

Pending emails, financial statements, marketing reports or repair of network systems, try to complete the jobs as quick as possible, because you can take up the next job. It is important to note that management always pays good attention to their staff in identifying how much time is being wasted and how effectively it can be utilized.

Not only you are successful, but by practicing it daily in your office, all your colleagues and junior staff will begin to learn from you about the importance of clearing desk.

Keeping a list of activities for today will offer a clear picture and time management which will help you to achieve bigger goals and bigger achievements.  This way you can be successful in offering complete guidance and helpline to your colleagues and junior staff.  When you do this, every one will begin to appreciate you.


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