Burglary: How to File a Police Report

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Definition of Burglary

The definition of Burglary is breaking and entering into a structure with the intent to commit a crime.

How to file the Police report

If you are a victim of burglary, contact the local Police department in the jurisdiction where the burglary took place.

If you come home and you see that, your home has been burglarized, get out of the house and call 9-1-1.  The Police will respond and make sure the criminal is still not in your house.

This report requires that a Police Officer come to the location, investigate the crime, and take a report at the location of the burglary.

What you need to file the Police report

You will need proper identification to start the report, a complete and full description of the property taken and its value.  You may provide any pictures, serial numbers, model numbers or identifying marks to help identify the property if or when it is ever located.

If you have any information, no matter how slight you may think it is, give it to the Police.

Why file a Burglary report

You are filing a Theft report for several reasons.  First, a suspect could be caught and your property recovered.

Filing Police reports also help the Police track where crime is occurring so they can put more Police resources in the areas where crime is highest.

You also file a Burglary report for insurance reasons.  Your home or renters insurance may cover your loss.

Filing a Theft report can also be a write off as a loss at the end of the year on your income tax.  Ask your taxman if you qualify. 


Filing a Burglary report with the Police is a very detailed process.  The Police will gather evidence; take fingerprints and photos of the crime scene and prepare and detailed report.

Make sure, once you file a Police report that you always get your Police report case number and either a receipt that you filed a report or an actual copy of the report for your records. 

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