Plants Vs Zombies Review

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Yes, a Pop Cap game that is wildly simple yet complexly designed. Now the game and story mode are fairly simple and even have a bit of comedy in them which helps cause it makes you laugh and that makes everything better! Now, the story mode is simple, you play the game as plants and you have to fend off Zombies from getting to your house and eating you. So your plants shoot pea’s and many other things at them to kill the zombies. Later on the zombies get stronger and a strategystarts to develop. The story mode’s tutorial is very nice to experts and even very casual players, it starts you out slow and as the game gets in depth gets very challenging.

This is a tower defense strategy game and can get to be challenging later on. Their is MANY plants and MANY different types of zombies which you have to learn to adapt to. Their is also mini games in this game to help break up any receptiveness and the mini games are probably more fun at times then the actual game. In one minigame you have to play as the zombies and take over the house even. Very fun game and will provide over 8 Hours of gameplay at least to you, and is a very cheap title. Recommned to anyone who likes to play strategygames, tower defense’s, or even casual players


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