Dating in a Low Budget

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It is a normal course of a relationship to date your loved one. It’s nice if you bring lots of quid to treat her with what she wants. But it’s not everyday that you feel like a millionaire.

If you’re tight on the budget but insists to take her out, good luck my dear friend and hope this tips might help you.

1. Take her to a park. Obviously, it’s your first choice to bring her to the park and spend time there chatting about everything under the sun (or moon). Be sure you amuse her so much that she won’t notice that time passes by without you shelling out a penny or two.

2. Take her to a mall. You can also bring your girl to a mall. Do not go on a shopping spree.  Just window shop there, take pictures, talk and walk, and all. If she gets hungry, go to a food court where foods are cheaper. Try the Buy One Take One meals. If you have gift certificates, well and good!

3. Do you know you can find amusing things at the grocery? Yes, the grocery…you can take your girl to walk on a grocery. Again, no shopping sprees allowed, just walk, check items, laugh at items, find some products that are interesting and add them to each other’s wishlist, and so on. You might be lucky enough to see a Free Taste booth.

4. Be creative. Okay, so example you take her to any of the places mentioned, or other places you want to be in, and you want to save more when the two of you got hungry, try doing these:

         a. Bring food. Yes, you can bring food. Sneak out some sandwiches from your kitchen or ask your mom to make you something, then bring it with you and tell her you made it. She will think it is thoughtful of you to put some effort in bringing a “present” for her when in fact you just don’t want to spend too much.

         b. The Value of Sharing. If you are hesitant in bringing food, you can buy one order of something yuo both like and share it. Buy a plate of spaghetti and a large drink and have the two of you share on the meal, and say “we’re sweet”. Don’t worry, she won’t mind.

5. Stay at home. You can also just see her in her place or take her to your place, snuggle up on bed, cuddle each other and daydream.

6. Be honest with her. Just tell her that you don’t have enough money. Honesty is one factor of lasting relationships. If she will react negatively because you told her the truth, she’s not worth it.


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