What 10 Minutes Can Do to Your Brain?

What 10 minutes can do? Actually for our brain 10 minutes per session of learning is just perfect to understand something. This is caused by our brain can’t focus too long into one subject (unless you’re trained to).  Concentrating into one subject for too long can cause stress. This is why kids need a good environment to study.

The good news is there is an exercise book called Math&Brain that utilize this crucial 10 minutes and provide a complete 30 days of well constructed program. This book combined the brain theories, teaching theories, learning theories and also motivation for any person to go through the constructed program. This book contains three parts, theories, manual and exercises.

The main focus of Math&Brain is for a healthy brain and boosting our memorizing capability. Instead of the main focus this program also will teach us to be more creative,thinking with both sides of our brain, analytics, cognitive thinking and etc. You’ll be amazed since all of these skills are indirectly implemented through all the exercises.

This program is easy to follow by both young and adult since it just using simple math as the medium. Anyway the program was constructed to develop according to your progress and make it very entertaining program. More about Math&Brain can be found through this article: 30 Days to Smarter Brain.

Available at amazon.com,now Math&Brain had been used in US, Canada, German and many will come. Check it out.

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