Middle Aged Woman Strokes Cat Then Dumps it in a Refuse Bin – Shocking Video

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The whole confusing saga however was captured on CCTV by the cat owner who had a camera installed outside his home to look after his car.

The story unfolds when cat owner Daryl Mann was in his front garden and heard his cat crying but could not see her. He traced the cat to his wheelie bin, a five foot high green refuse bin located at the end of his front path, it has a lid.

At first he was mystified as to how Lola got in the bin as he describes her as “not the brightest little thing” so he painstakingly sat in front of footage on video tape that had been captured by his CCTV.


Then some 15 hours before Daryl had discovered and rescued Lola he spots the relaxed feline strolling along next door neighbour’s garden wall in the middle of the daytime. Then what happens next is bizarre. A middle aged woman possibly in her fifties, fairly smartly dressed walks passed and stops to stroke Lola who responds by affectionately pushing up her tail. The woman then looks at the wheelie bin and picks up Lola by the scruff of the neck and opens the lid of the refuse bin, drops the cat inside and closes the lid and strolls off hastily down the road.

It was as if the woman had just deposited an item of litter in the bin and strolled off. Poor Lola was trapped inside the bin for 15 hours and was only rescued when owner Mr Mann heard her cries from within the bin.

The animal authorities in England are the RSPCA along with the police have all studied the footage and say it is clear enough to identify the woman. They have tracked her down and are questioning her during August 2010.


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